3 Ways to Use Transaction Pro to Make More $$$$

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Transaction Pro comes in a variety of flavors. The most commonly used version is Transaction Pro Importer or affectionately known as TPI. Transaction Pro is built and run by Karen Magno and her husband, people we have come to love in the industry we share. This post will give you a few ideas on how to make more money with Transaction Pro, written by our esteemed colleague and brilliant ProAdvisor Terri Wilson.

Terri Wilson, an Intuit Premier Reseller (IRP) is also a Transaction Pro pro. She shared this post with our audience to help you find ways to enhance your practice buy adding new and needed tools and services. She also recently did a TPI WOWbinar on schoolofbookkeeping.com.

Ok, so here is Terri’s post: 3 Ways to Use Transaction Pro to Make More $$$$

1) The easiest way to use TPI to make more money is to help your client automate their data entry using TPI. This work is really easy to find. You simply reach out to your clients and prospects and ask them one very simple question. Do you ever enter data twice? You will be amazed to find that many times the answer is “yes” followed by a look of total embarrassment since the client knows that there has to be a better way but they have no idea what that is. This is your chance to be a hero. All you need to do is figure out what data needs to be moved, and then map it in TPI, test it and voila you have saved your client a ton of time and gotten paid. You can also charge a maintenance fee along as part of your support plan to continue getting paid in the future.

2) The second way to make money with TPI is to convert clients from the software they are currently on to QB. These jobs are typically one time only but they are lengthy and involved so they have a lot more chance for a big pay day for you. Expect a project like this to take 1-6 months depending on complexity and the company you are working with. These projects also allow you to easily roll in process mapping as part of your initial fee. That means you sell the client on the idea that an accountant is the best person to make sure that their back office processes are optimal and documented. So in this scenario, you get your project fee, which should include the process mapping and training as well, and then an ongoing support and maintenance contract to guarantee they get the results you promised them in the first place.

3) The third way to make money with TPI is actually with TPE. Are your clients sending data to either vendors or customers manually? An example of this kind of gig, is being able to send invoices in a batch to a customer in a format they need them in. So if your customer is on QB, but their customer is on Dynamics, we would create a way to extract the data from QB every night automatically and then have that data sent to their customer automatically as well. Again, another great opportunity to save your client a ton of time and get a nice fee for the work. And don’t forgot those support and maintenance agreements on this on as well since someone needs to be making sure things are going the way they should and fixing them if they don’t.

This post contributed by guest author Terri Wilson of ThinkQuickConsulting and her new company ProcessAccountant. To learn more about Terri, click here.

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