7 Ds of Marketing from Modernize My Business

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Before launching a company or product line, there must first be demand. If people don’t want and need your offering, don’t bother.
Once you determine demand, develop the idea with your marketing message in advance. The secret here is to figure out how you will market first. Too often a product is developed and then the marketing idea is developed. If done prior, you are more likely to develop a marketable product. A great product rarely sells without a solid marketing strategy.
The goal of any marketing strategy is to make your prospects “want” what you sell. Their desire of your product is your number one goal.
To help turn prospects into purchasers, your product must solve a problem. To make them beat down your doors, it must be unique, better, sexier and more valuable than solutions prior to yours.
People love to window shop. What makes them decide to buy is determined by the comfort they feel when parting with their money to receive your product. YOUR job is to make them feel comfortable.
Under promise and over deliver aren’t just words.
After they get your product and start to enjoy it, future sales are determined by their initial delight. Do they love it? Make sure they do. If they don’t, change it. If they do, make it better.

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