Accounting and Bookkeeping Conferences, A Primer on the Biggies

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Industry accounting and bookkeeping conferences are filled with information about the latest in accounting/bookkeeping and of course the latest applications. We attend to learn, but also to meet our peers, connect with partners and if we are being totally honest, to have fun. With Scaling New Heights just behind us, many of us are now focused on the 2014 Sleeter Conference and the new QuickBooks Connect 2014 event. Will you attend both?

Here’s a little primer on the three most popular conferences for the accounting and bookkeeping professions.


Scaling New Heights just ended and I’ve heard from many that they enjoyed the experience. The next SNH is June 21-24, 2015 in New Orleans.

From the SNH website:

“Scaling New Heights is a unique, Intuit-centric training experience that focuses on practical, cutting edge professional education, fostering networking relationships among the most successful QuickBooks consultants in the country and providing resources that empower consultants to grow their practices, expand their consulting services, master Intuit products, and maximize professional relationships.”

While this event is much like the others, it is very Intuit centric. Attendees are provided educational resources to help them learn more about QuickBooks and prepare for exams. Most attendees are actual QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

SNH is in New Orleans this year, so this may make a difference for you traveling a distance. If you have to choose two of the three and are an East Coaster, perhaps SNH and the Sleeter Conference would be the best fit. Also, if you’ve never been to New Orleans, you must go! Here’s one of my favorite episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations in New Orleans.

The cost to attend SNH is $575 (early bird).


In its 11th year, the Sleeter Conference is the most prominent conference. Many Intuit ProAdvisors, bookkeepers, accountants and CPAs attend annually. The event is filled with great information and keynotes from some of the industry’s leaders. This event is not focused on any particular single company or technology. It’s much broader and has a great history of connecting people and providing significant education and inspiration. The attendees will be exposed to many technologies and software providers, which may prove to be very beneficial to your practice development.

The event happens in Vegas and what happens in Vegas, gets tweeted and shared on Facebook these days. We recommend this event as the most well rounded serving many of the needs a conference such as this provides. If you’re a foodie or just like to eat, check out this Anthony Bourdain episode in Vegas.

The cost to attend the Sleeter Conference is $840-$940, early bird.


This year, something new is brewing. Intuit has decided to enter the game by launching QuickBooks Connect 2014. While this event is only a month before the Sleeter Conference, I imagine many will attend both. They serve different purposes as Connect is clearly the most Intuit specific event of the lot.

From the Connect website:

“QuickBooks Connect isn’t your typical conference. It’s the chance to meet the people, see the cloud technology and get the advice you need to start, run and grow your business. Join us for a unique experience and the opportunity to make the valuable connections you need to succeed.”

If learning about the future of QuickBooks and particularly their Cloud offering, QuickBooks Online, is important to you (and it should be), this conference should not be missed.

If travel is an issue (this is a West Coast event), you may get more benefit from Scaling New Heights and the broader Sleeter Conference. That said, I wouldn’t miss this event as the Cloud is changing everything and whether we like it or not, we need to stay on top of the latest from the most prominent player in the industry. Be sure not to miss Santana Row in San Jose. Great spot for live entertainment and food.

The cost to attend QuickBooks Connect is $169, early bird.

In summary, all three events are valuable and each should be considered. The Sleeter Conference is the most costly, but its a four day event and its broad nature makes it a good fit for just about anyone in the industry. Scaling New Heights is a no-brainer for East Coasters and willing travelers that focus on Intuit products. QuickBooks Connect is very inexpensive and with its focus on the Cloud, we think its a must for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve.

There are many other conferences and events, such as Hangouts, Webinars and Meetups. For information about these events and more, visit’s Event Calendar. To add your event, please email us here.

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  1. The 2015 Scaling New Heights (SNH) will be in New Orleans. I believe they are attempting to keep it more in the middle of the country instead of back east. SNH 2014 also had classes on Karl Irvin’s tools, QQube, Transaction Pro Importer, Method, Agil-Iron, etc. In 2014, I personally focused on Karl Irvin’s tools, Transaction Pro Importer, Inventory (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Advanced Inventory and Advanced Pricing), QQube and Excel To/From QuickBooks. Next year, I’ll focus on other advanced topics. The instructors were excellent and I learned a lot. The General Sessions were fun and informative. Plus, it was special to have Brad Smith, the CEO of Intuit there.

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