Addicted to Adwords

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As the chief clever officer of a marketing company, I spend my days on social media and managing WordPress sites, Mailchimp campaigns and of course, Google Adwords. I spend much of my time monitoring Analytics and Chartbeat. I can’t get enough. I’m addicted to Adwords.

Google Adwords are the leading income producer for Google. Facebook has ads too, same deal. I watch them, tweak them, enhance, remove, replace, stop/start. It never ends. I watch for click through rates (CTR) and ads that work better than others. I’m constantly trying to improve on them and bringing the best return on investment for my companies or others.

Here’s a few tips:

1. Make sure your ads correspond with your keywords. Eg. If you use “bookkeeping” in your search keywords, the ad should read “Bookkeeping Services” also. Having an ad for “Try our service” doesn’t tie the search words with the ad and the Googler will not understand.

2. Landing pages must follow the same convention as in #1 above. Also, having a unique landing page for each ad or at least Ad Group, will allow you to properly track how your campaign is performing.

3. Apps on your mobile phone are essential to making quick changes and watching for results. The Google Analytics app by Thomas Blackburn is by far my favorite.

4. Set your campaigns for enough time and to gather enough data. I run them 3-5 days at minimum.

5. Constantly upgrade your ads. Take the best performing ads and add a new version of it. Suspend the non-performers. Keep doing this until your ads peak.

As much as I’d love to tell you more, I have to run. I’m addicted to Adwords and they are calling my name. Good luck!

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