Affiliates Make Money in their Sleep

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The Affiliates Program is an easy way to make easy money. Simply access your Affiliate account at and add your PayPal email address. Next, add your affiliate banners to your website or blog. For every link that turns into a subscriber, you receive 50% of the first month or 10% of an annual subscription.

This is a great opportunity to make money while you’re sleeping. It also helps grow which helps us create more content and features, faster.

Here’s an example of a link you would create directly: You can find your code at and all our awesome banners of various sizes and shapes (with the code that will place the banner and the link automatically).

If you are a student, just login and click the link from the Enrolled Student Hub. If not a student, you can create an affiliate account at

Need help? Call us at (845) 418-3742 and we will help you setup your account, place your links or banners and start earning money, today, while you’re sleeping.

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