Be An Entrepreneur Until The End

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We start our company and we have fire in our veins. We’re so stoked to get our first sale. We work feverishly on EVERYTHING. We are unstoppable.

Next, we land some clients and the revenue starts to flow. We develop a few processes to make sure we deliver. We are constantly thinking about every piece of the puzzle and we sleep soundly only out of sheer exhaustion. The stress is there but we can handle it because we are doing what we love. This is great!

Now, business has been steady and growing for some time. We take a much needed vacation. We’re loving life and living large.

Ten years have passed. We’re tired and it’s becoming redundant. Are we saving enough for retirement? Have we made the right investments to secure our future. Will we get there? We work less and it’s not nearly as much fun anymore.

Now what?

eric greenspan new scooterYou must be an entrepreneur until the end, the very end. The day you stop lighting your own fire and igniting your business is the day it all, well, ends. Unless you invent the cure for cancer or the iPhone killer, you’re going to have to work until the end. If you’ve hit the ten year point and you’re tired, you’re experiencing the Entrepreneur’s Dilemma. It’s time to recharge, re-ignite and get back to doing what you do best! It’s time to be an entrepreneur again and work harder than you’ve ever worked before. Remember how much fun it was when you started and add that back into the mix. Start enjoying the process again, the ride.

I recently quit smoking, again. I’m on day 10 and going strong! I bought this little toy to be my “patch.” Every time I get the urge, I go for a spin. I also needed something to help me look at the world differently. I’ve been at it for a long time now but I NEVER get bored at my job. I keep reinventing myself, daily. I drive a new route, look at things from a different perspective, change things, add things and keep it moving forward as I am an entrepreneur, like you, and that’s just how we are made.

In my Ignite System, I work with so many different types of bookkeepers and accountants. They all have a unique story. Some are young and just getting started. They are full of energy and ready to make their mistakes. While others have been “around the block” and are less entrepreneurial today. I help them differently. The newbies get knowledge and ideas and coaching to find new clients, build their model and start driving revenue. The pros get something different. They get a kick in the ass, so to speak. In all seriousness, sometimes it’s just having someone to talk to about the challenges you are facing that is enough to relight the fire that once ran through you. Sometimes it takes a refresher course, a new direction, a change in circumstances or new challenges. Whatever it is and whoever you are NEVER STOP LEARNING, ENJOY THE RIDE and remember to BE AN ENTREPRENEUR UNTIL THE END.

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