Building a Home Video, Webinar, Podcast and Content Production Studio – Part 1: Your Space, Desk and Chair

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Up to now, I’ve kept the development of content limited to images and blog posts, websites and social media. Seth David, my business partner at and our colleague Perry White do all the video. But now that SOB has grown up a bit, it’s time for me to start adding content. I built a studio in my home office and it’s amazing. I had a feeling you’d like to know more about this so I thought I’d share. Here’s my take on Building a Content Production Studio


There are several elements to a great studio in your office or home. One is the room you use to do your recording. For me, I’m literally in the middle of the house, by the front door. There’s a rooster crowing behind me, parrots fly over and squawk loudly around 4pm every day, the kids run back and forth and my dog howls (he’s a beagle) and UPS/Fedex or the mailman often knock on the door, bring the dog a treat and always say “hello” or if it’s the OnTrac guy, it’s just “Package.” He’s grumpy. My point here is “use what you’ve got” and don’t worry about it. You do NOT need a sound proof room. You do need some peace and quiet so once you get to learn your neighbor’s rooster schedule, you’ll be fine. Now is better than perfect I like to say.

So just find a place where you feel the most creative and happy. I love sitting by the door and feeling the energy of the outside world. I could never sit with my back to the main entrance. I would feel like there is something going on over there and I would need to turn around too often. I sit at a window (french doors to be precise) and look right out at the driveway where anyone approaching would come from. I hardly notice though because I have this rig in front of me.

Next, let’s discuss you desk and chair. I’d like to remind you that the work you do, every day, is your career. If you are a contractor, you have the best hammer made. You care about your tools. If you are a doctor, you buy the latest and greatest stethoscope. So, if you are an accounting pro or other professional services provider, please tell me why you bought that cheap back breaking chair at Staples and that desk you sit at, it’s an antique. Antiques are pretty, but they are old and lack innovation, ergonomics and function. It’s your business, why curtail your productivity each and every day with this crap? Invest in your business and yourself. If you expect to make it big, you have to think big and know your worth.

Ok, enough on that, let’s get technical. My desk is a standup model. I sit at it more often than stand, but the key is it is state of the art. You can see in the image above that the desk has a curved face and when you lean up against it, it’s very comfortable. It also allows me to gain access to more of the equipment on the desk to the curve. The desk is an electric stand up desk also, so it goes up and down from sitting to stand in seconds. I then put a mat under my feet to relieve pressure.

Now, let’s talk about my chair. It’s old. I’ve had it for over 15 years and paid over $2500 for it. See the correlation? It has more controls and features and while it’s a few years older than I’m used to, it’s still perfect. It’s retained its original beauty, but most importantly, it’s solid as a rock. If your chair wiggles, DUMP IT! You deserve better.

I’ll pick up on Part II in a day or so. In the meantime, I made this for you “in my studio” in about 5 minutes.

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