Can Social Media Really Get it Done for Bookkeepers and Accountants?

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Social media marketing is a low cost, high reach means of marketing any company. It can work, really well. But it’s usually not done properly or not done enough. Having a Facebook page and tweeting here and there is not enough to getting yourself new clients. Clients in the accounting world often come from referrals. So, becoming a brand via social media will help put your name in the minds of those doing the referring. This strategy is what has led to’s success.

Seth David started Nerd Enterprises back when social media was a new idea. Seth has always jumped on the latest and greatest technology and kept himself in the public eye accordingly. While Seth knows his craft better than anyone I’ve ever worked with, he also knows how to garner attention and how to establish himself as a Trusted Advisor.

Videos, Videos, Videos

Seth began creating videos on YouTube, educating the world about bookkeeping, accounting and QuickBooks. His videos have reached millions. But that’s not all Seth did to build his brand. He also created content on websites and blogs and he embedded his videos alongside them. But what Seth did REALLY well is he has created and continues to create TONS of content, daily. His name is so common in the accounting industry, I actually wear a t-shirt that says “Not Seth David.” This is the only way to get any attention when working alongside this brilliant marketer.


While most do not have the energy or willingness to create the quantity and quality of content that Seth produces, you still can benefit from his experience. You can create content and you can engage with the community and you can build your brand into becoming one that is recognizable and unique.

Create Your Own Marketing Platform

QB-Show11To further this discussion, let’s examine Stacy Kildal, another prominent figure in the industry. Stacy also knows her stuff, but she also knows how to market herself. Her QBShow is a prime example of this. It along with her active engagement in the community has helped her become a brand and helped her establish herself as a leader in the industry.

Engage, No I Mean Really Engage!

One of our favorite partners, TSheets has mastered the art of social engagement. What sets them apart is their keen sense of connection. TSheets creates content and disseminates it accordingly, but they are BEST at response, engagement and chatting it up with anyone and everyone. They have become a leading brand as a result and most accounting pros know who they are.


If you’re Intuit, you have billions in cash to produce TV commercials and you have millions of users and 10s of thousands of partners and even more friends. But if you’re not, then the next best thing is to partner with those that do. I have set a few goals for in terms of leveraging some amazing relationships to secure some help with our marketing strategy. You should do the same.

Constant Communication

If you do any of the above, you will build contacts and those contacts need to be nurtured. Emailing your newsletter is a great start. Share some of your personal journeys and stories and use social media to further engage. An unanswered tweet is a travesty.

Create an Event, a Conference, a Hangout

Doug Sleeter of the Sleeter Group and Joe Woodard have have each built their brands around a conference. Every year, thousands flock to their events from all over the world. As a result, their brands becomes stronger and stronger.

Un-shameless, Self-plug

Finally, leverage the networking sites provided by We built them for this very purpose. They WILL help you build your brand and help gain more exposure and clients.

My company SeventyFourMarketing has been exclusively engaged with for about a year now. Our growth has been strong and we’ve spent very little money on marketing. We spend our days creating content like this post along with video and constant engagement on Facebook in groups, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and via email. Social media marketing is working!

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