How Many Likes Does it Take?

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Facebook is a part of life. For many, too much. I can hardly finish reading a post when the next one appears and this constant flow of information is overwhelming. I read about people’s meals, vacations, children and the weather. Ironically, I get the most likes and comments when I post this type of content. A sure way of seeing my likes reduced to nil, post something about my company.

Can You Afford a Big Partner?

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When we ended the radio show, we started looking at forming strategic partnerships with companies that needed tech support for their customers. It seemed like the right next step in our marketing strategy. While in my COO’s office one day, he mentioned that one of our employees had a connection to Costco. I immediately responded with, “That’s the right fit as they have an extreme customer service model like our own, but they aren’t a good fit for us as they are a low price leader and services are not their focus.” He kept trying to convince me otherwise.

Content on Your Website, Then Facebook and Tweet Your Links, Add a Smidge of Pinterest and Don’t Forget Google+

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We post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many others. We share our thoughts, ideas, videos and photos. We do this throughout our day and we don’t seem to mind the time we lose as a result. But if we are marketing a product, we must look at this differently. We must think about content marketing. In this case, our focus must be on driving visitors to the site. Our product or service is usually best represented on our website and since our goal is sales or some form of conversion, we are best serving ourselves by focusing our content marketing to a single source, our site.

How to and NOT to Engage in a Facebook Group

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When accepted into a Facebook Group, do NOT start by posting a link to your website or with a favorite photo and never, ever post something about your last meal. Groups are different and when they work, they work well. But there are a number key methods in which a new group member should learn and utilize to get the conversation going. And that is the #1 key method…Get the conversation going!

Why is Spam Illegal?

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We all get a full mailbox of post cards, leaflets and catalogs. Our USPS delivers these without hesitation. But if we send an email to someone who doesn’t necessarily want it, we’re breaking the law.