Contact and Calendar Unification, Automation and Simplification of Life

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I have three companies:, and of course I was managing three calendars, three email addresses and several phone numbers. Today, I’m happy to announce that I have one phone number, one calendar and one email address. It was my goal to achieve contact and calendar unification, automation and simplification of life. Here’s how it works:

My email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] all still work. They redirect to [email protected] I can receive any of the email addresses and send from any as well. I have a single calendar for and now (formerly I have a single phone number for all. The numbers all ring to a single cell phone and are handled by their respective accounts via Line2.

If you call (888) 218-7482, you have the option of, and The first two will be greeted by an auto attendant giving the caller an option of which company they wish to speak with which then ring a single phone and are captured in voicemail by one Line2 account when I’m unavailable. If the caller chooses, they are automatically and seamlessly forwarded to the Line2 account which is then captured in voicemail by it’s own Line2 account.  This account serves the entire staff. We are considering adding individual extensions as we grow which is a great feature from Line2. For now, the auto attendant routes calls to me, our sales team or Seth, depending upon the callers selection. Then, if unavailable, the calls are all captured in a shared voicemail that can be forwarded as necessary. It’s really quite slick.

I now also have a single calendar for and It can be accessed automatically by my clients via TimeTrade. Clients can make their own appointments based on a link I send them and depending on the service and/or company. To the client, it’s seamless. To me, it’s simplicity and it works, brilliantly!

It’s seem a little complicated and it took some time to figure it all out but it works perfectly now. I never miss a call. I never miss an email. I never miss an appointment. The whole thing costs about $35/month. I can access it on any device and they all sync in a snap.

Prior to making this change, I was juggling way too many email addresses, calendars and phone numbers. Those days are over and now, I’m just doing my business, satisfying my clients and making money.

What I love the most is that every day I’m greeted with several options. I have clients that complete my website contact forms, email me, call and leave messages and my favorite are the ones that just simply schedule their free consultations or appointments automatically. Want to learn more and simplify your life, then grab a 30 min free consultation withe me, right now!

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