Differentiation: Create a New Category

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When considering building your practice, the thing that will make you stand out is differentiation. Whether you are a remote bookkeeper, a point of sale expert, a data recover guru or simply a great educator and sharer or knowledge is what will make people remember you. Seth David is known for being a “know it all” and a great presenter of information. He’s a teacher and he’s good at it. He’s also not afraid of the camera.

So what are you good at? Are you comfortable with just being ordinary? Pink spiked hair isn’t going to get it done, but those that are different often find a way to differentiate.

I have a client who is a CPA. We are currently working on building out her website www.zenaccountant.com. What is a Zen Accountant? It’s a new category for accounting. Jean Chang is the Zen Accountant. Her practice of Buddhism along with her style of life have been translated into how she provides her accounting service. Since filing your taxes can be a tedious task, having a Zen Accountant sounds pretty interesting to me.

There are many other ways to create and achieve differentiation. At least, you should consider specializing. While we all know a good EA or CPA can file taxes, having expertise in divorce settlements, audit representation or playing the outsourced CFO role for a startup can be a great way to make your service unique and as a result, find new clients.

If you are a bookkeeper, being an expert at one or several specific tasks can help differentiate your practice. Importing transactions with tools like TransactionPro Importer is a great differentiator. You may also consider being the bookkeeper that specializes in setting up new companies or even better, setting new restaurants. You can have relationships with point of sale providers or take this specialty on yourself.

Differentiation is not easy but it is important. There are many types of great accounting pros out there but the ones that stand out in my mind are specialists in a specific area of expertise. Some are writers, some are financial statement pros, some are Excel whizzes. Whatever you can do to become unique and then leverage your differentiation will help you become a stronger brand. This will help other accounting pros and your clients send you referrals.

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