Does “Alexa” Really Work?

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We use Amazon’s Alexa at home and at work. It’s really called Amazon Echo and we have eight of them. There are different models. We prefer the ones with a display. I even sent my mom a couple. She loves them as she can ask Alexa anything and see who’s at the front door, as they show her the Nest cameras feed.

At first, I wasn’t sure what would happen; if anyone would use it, or if it would become another member of my “special box in the garage.” Mom didn’t love it…at first. The kids were using it to make funny noises. But as I am writing this, mom just said, “Alexa, set a 5 minute timer.” I smell muffins cooking. Mom has found a few ways to use this device that I’m highly confident I’d be in big trouble if I took them away. She sets timers, adds items to our grocery list, turns lights on and off, and asks her about measurements and recipes.

Alexa is a tool, but she’s also the future. One day, I believe voice control will be so sophisticated, we will be able to yell, “stop!” and our cars will lock up their brakes as they swerve out of the way of a moose in the road. I also think we will eventually just ask Alexa or Siri or Google or whoever is listening and we will get every answer we can imagine.

Alexa controls our smart devices, all 150+ of them. From locking doors, to turning on and off lights, fans and air filters, Alexa is always there and she just gets smarter and smarter every day. As a bookkeeping or tax pro, try asking Alexa to do a little math or to add to a list. If you use your imagination, you might just fine a few more practical uses. Soon, you’ll stop keying and start speaking. Believe it.

So, do you have one? Do you use one? Tell us below in the comments.

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