Don’t Let the Coronavirus Keep Our Kids from Learning! Host a Virtual Classroom with Zoom! Now Free for K-12!

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Zoom is an amazing meeting tool. I use it EVERY day and have for years. It does everything better, from meetings to webinars. But what I love the most is how you can have a meeting with 49 others and see each of them in a video window. So why not use it for remote learning in schools? The cost? Maybe. It’s very reasonable. But now…it’s FREE for K-12 schools! Zoom Meetings Training for K-12 Educators

Zoom is temporarily lifting the 40-minute time limit on free Basic accounts for schools affected by the Coronavirus. This means you can literally run classes for all those that have Internet and a computer virtually and remotely. Up to 49 kids can share the screen concurrently and chat with their teachers live, with full video support and even quizzes can be administered. A teacher with a legitimate school email address can sign up directly or the school or district can do it. Either way, you can get up and running FAST!

This is no joke; purely wonderful. I’d like to personally thank Eric Yuan the CEO of Zoom, who I have had the joy to chat with occasionally, who is a champion of education and should be recognized for his kindness and support of our communities during the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.

I’d also like to give a shout out to Dr. Amy Alzina, of Cold Spring School in Montecito, California, and her entire staff, who are embracing this technology and a “whatever it takes” approach to helping these kids keep learning, no matter the challenges we face!


Here’s how to get access for your school.

Step 1

Sign up for a free Basic account here using your school’s PROPER email address. Personal email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook are not eligible.

Step 2

Fill out the information for your school here to remove the 40 minute time limit for anyone on your school’s domain after verification.

Then, host a meeting and send out the invite to your class via whatever mechanism you use. Kids with mobile devices and/or computers can login as easy as Facetime and pick up where you left off with full instructional capabilities.

Step 3

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