Dropbox for Photo Syncing to Computer

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If you develop, draft, create or post, I’m sure you photos in your work. Often, these photos come from the device most commonly in your hand. The challenge here is getting those photos to your computer without connecting, downloading, sorting, finding. I use an iPhone and often I will iMessage a photo from my iPhone to a friend so I can grab it off iMessage on my computer after it sends. This always leads to a response, “why did you send me a pic of your desk?” It’s frustrating and I’m not a fan of iPhoto. I generally use Image Capture and download my images. But that is work. Here’s a better way, use Dropbox for photo syncing to your computer…

Connect your phone to Dropbox and use the auto-upload-photos feature. It’s amazing. Here’s what it does:

As you take a photo, they are copied to a Dropbox folder. Dropbox even syncs periodically in the background, so typically, your photos appear without any effort at all. Next, you simply open your Dropbox folder on your computer as you normally would. I remove the photos from Dropbox and put them into my Pictures “download” folder. I then remove them from my iPhone. This is ideal as I can still get access to them in PhotoStream if needed, but they are now safe on my computer, getting backed up and available for use in my creations.

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