Eric Greenspan of Modernize My Business is Named 29th Zapier Certified Expert

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Today our founder became the 29th Zapier Certified Expert. "We're not surprised; we saw it coming. Eric can do things with Zapier that blow our minds, make our clients smile, and help make them more money," said Angela Rust, a partner at Modernize My Business. "He's busy late into the evening often just lost in tinkering with this amazing tool that eliminates errors, automates redundant processes, and helps companies do so much more, with less," Rust continued.

"I am thrilled to have reached this level and achieved this goal," said Greenspan, the company's Chief Clever Officer and founder. "Zapier is like adult Lego and you can do so many great things with it! Our clients' companies are completely changing for the better, with automation helping them achieve higher levels of productivity than ever before," said Greenspan.

That was a tough exam! I love learning, but that one made my mind hurt at times. I got through it and passed though and that's what matters. Well, what really matters is how much I really know about this tool and passing the certification exam helps me realize the level of achievement I've finally reached.

Eric Greenspan

Certified Zapier Expert

It's business as usual at Modernize My Business, but a heck of lot more of it lately. Ever since the book "Pricing Your Practice" hit and the launch of, the fast growing professional services firm has been busy "eating it's own dogfood." The company helps accounting and tax professionals grow their practice. They do this by helping with marketing, technology, workflow and automation. Zapier fits nicely into the service offering and is a big part of the company's focus. While the company's purpose is to help others grow, the company is growing alongside its many successful clients, many of which are doubling or tripling their business size, while improving productivity faster than ever before.

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