Facebook Lookback Thank You Movies are a Loaded Weapon

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I loved mine. I loved most of the others I saw too. You can find yours at https://Facebook.com/lookback

But what about the parent that lost a child? The pre-op nose job patient? The love you once had that is now lost? When these people watch their movies and see the past smashed in their face, someone is going to get mad, really mad.

But it’s our own fault. We posted the pic. We wrote the text. We dated that person. But the lady at McDonald’s also knew her coffee was hot before she sued after being burned. When will the first lawsuit hit?

I am a big Facebook fan but they don’t respond to emails, even if you are lucky enough to find an address. How would one contact Facebook to ask that their movie be modified or removed?

So, I say again, something bad will come out of this. Sadly, Facebook had the right intentions and they clearly have the rights, but attorneys are paid on lottery winnings and this one has big money attached to it.

Now we wait and see.


A few hours after I published this post, Techcrunch posted this:


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