GoDaddy is a Great Registrar; LiquidWeb is a Great Hosting Company

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From time to time, I have an experience that I like to share with the public. I’ve been a GoDaddy customer for some time now. They are not a bad or evil company. They issue refunds without question and they have a robust offering for hosting. Their registration tools are slick and easy and the price is right. However, when it comes to hosting, they don’t get it. Here’s why…

I first launched a Managed WordPress Hosting account with GoDaddy for several of my companies. I launched another separate account for The service was one of the fastest hosting solutions I’ve ever worked with. However, the “managed” aspect made it challenging to deploy solutions due to their restrictions. For one, GoDaddy locks down SMTP email and makes it very challenging to use 3rd party solutions. Also, they require certain plugins to be enabled; ones that I do not want as they conflict with better solutions that I deploy myself. The support was ok. They will try to help you and have complete access to your server.

After realizing that I cannot live with the Managed WordPress hosting from GoDaddy, I switched the accounts to standard shared hosting. Now, I was free to do what I wanted. The problem? It was very slow.

Next, I upgraded to a VPS or virtual private server. I was really excited as the performance was back, but not quite as fast as the original Managed account. I had two pay $100 to have them migrate my sites. The sites were up in a reasonable amount of time, but there were many strange problems that took far too long to resolve. The real issue with a GoDaddy VPS is they simply are unable to assist you with your day to day support questions. They answer is always “I have no access to your server…you will have to manage that yourself.” I have lots of questions, so this didn’t work for me.

I have since moved all my accounts to LiquidWeb. Let me tell you the difference.

1. The process and systems to setup an account and migrate your sites is swift, elegant and painless. Support called me at 3am numerous times and always kept me in the loop and answered all my questions. They go ABOVE AND BEYOND TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE ELATED. I AM ELATED.

2. When things go awry, one quick call and the folks in support at LiquidWeb jump on the chance to help you. They are the NICEST GROUP OF PEOPLE I’VE EVER WORKED WITH. Must be the mid-west thing; they’re in Michigan.

3. Their equipment is amazing. The sites FLY! SSD hard disks, awesome interface, simple, efficient systems…just awesome.

4. The price is just right. It’s not the most inexpensive solution out there, but it won’t break the bank either.

5. It’s the most scalable solution I’ve come across. Just a click of a button and you can have 3x the bandwidth, ram or disk space and you can use it for an hour and then scale back down. The system automatically moves the sites back and forth. RIDICULOUSLY cool!

6. They will talk to you, answer your questions, listen and train you on just about anything related to your sites or hosting.

7. They are WordPress rockstars.

8. Seriously, they are the nicest group of sales and support folks you’ll ever meet. But don’t let that fool you, they are equally brilliant.

9. They are in Michigan. This is their only downfall. However, since they are Spartans fans and not Wolverine fans, I’m ok with it. Go #Buckeyes

10. Switch. Now.

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