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You might have once heard me say, "the best app is the one you use." I'm a tough one to please, when it comes to apps and devices. I like stuff that's built with passion and excellence; but mostly, I like stuff that works.

I've been an AnyList customer for a while. I've given the team a nudge here and there, particularly with adding the Amazon connection. I love my Echo (Alexa) and my favorite use is adding items to the grocery list. From the fridge, you'll hear anyone in the house yell, "Alexa, add cottage cheese (or milk, or fruit, or pickles...) to the grocery list." From there, I had built an IFTTT connection to iOS Reminders that NEVER worked properly.

Then, one day, I heard from the developers of AnyList and they asked if I wanted to be in their beta for the Amazon Skill to connect their AWESOME app to Alexa. I responded with a big yes, instantly. It worked perfectly and then, it got even better. Now, AnyList actually works with any list on my Amazon account. I have a grocery list, a Costco list, a Target list, one for Amazon direct (so I know I want it but don't want it to actually get ordered automatically), another for New Year resolutions, one for Big Ideas, webinar topics, book chapters, and of course, my To-do list!

Adding an item to my To-do list was a nightmare prior. But today, I'm helping our clients add this awesome feature. From the bed, bathroom, office or in the car, we are now adding To-dos and other items to list with just our voice.

AnyList is my favorite app for this reason alone, but they also have an amazing interface and other great features. I never guess at the grocery store. My wife says, "add to the grocery list, I'm going to the store!" And we jump on it. There's an Echo, Show or Dot in every room and car of this household. The kids help, as they know what is missing. Their favorite crackers and drinks always get delivered, because of Amazon Alexa and AnyList.

There's one other amazing feature on the AnyList App (I hope they add it to the Mac app soon also) which allows you to simply click the empty photo of a grocery or other list item and do a web search. In seconds, hundreds of images of your Starkist Chunk White tuna in WATER are showing and with a simply tap, boom, there it is. Now, everyone knows exactly what you want in size, style, color or whether you want chunk, whole, crushed, canned, bottled, in oil, in water, whole wheat, with meatballs, and so on.

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Each item is organized by grocery store section (I hope they add by aisle some day based on the exact store you shop at) so you get all the meat at once, produce in one passing, and off you go, basket full, with what you need and maybe a few extra items that were left when you demoed this cool solution to a friend or client. I have had my gal text me on numerous occasions, "Do we really need that? Or are you just showing off how cool this is again?" Oh, by the way, she knows because you can share a list. Every time I update it, she knows, and vice versa. Brilliant.

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