How Dare You Spam Me!

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People in receipt of an email, that they were not anticipating, often get angrier than a diehard Jets fan when they lose three in a row. Spam makes blood boil. Yet, the same angered recipient is on Facebook and Twitter and in this case, spam flows freely. What is it about email spam that gets people so fired up?

Email is our most private source of communication. It’s almost instant like a text message, but slightly less invasive. We get plenty of unwanted emails every day. Most, we just delete, mark as spam or unsubscribe. But every once in a while, we lose ourselves and let the sender know.

Yesterday, I sent an email blast on behalf of a client. Out of thousands of emails sent, only one person went out of their way to “let us have it.” They used expletives and responded again to our apology. The person spent more time and energy on their angry response than needed and after all the dust settled, they simply clicked “unsubscribe” and have now permanently removed themselves from our list, forever.

I posted the same content from the email to Google+, my Facebook wall, groups and pages, I Tweeted from three accounts and I’m pretty sure it’s available on Reddit, Stumbleupon and Digg. It’s been +1’d, liked, favorited and retweeted. People have left comments and emailed us. The website had a huge day with visitors and sales were fantastic. We even received two customer testimonials.

In short, email is still a highly effective means of communication and it is still my favorite for conversions. It’s sticky unlike a feed in Facebook or Twitter, doesn’t get lost and it’s far more manageable. You can flag items, click links, save items in folders and much more. While we move to many different forms of communication, email and its inherent spam, continue to be a staple in the world of marketing. I don’t like spam either, but sometimes, every once in a while, I bite and so do you.

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