How In the Heck Do You Find Blog Post Topics???

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IMG_0765In Denver, I finally got to meet the every so popular DigitalCPA, Jay Kimelman. Jay is a client, a member of team SOB and a good friend.

When Jay and I finally met in person, it was a little awkward. I mean I knew he was bald, but I really thought he was taller. I think when he saw me he felt the same. We chatted a bit, took some photos with ABBOites and friends and chatted some more. Later, he followed me back to my hotel where I gave him his much appreciated SWAG. Then, we sat in two high back chairs in the lobby and the conversation ignited. Jay said, “How the heck do you find blog post topics???”

Jay hired me to help him build his company websites. I’m now working with Mrs. DigitalCPA helping her IGNITE the practice. I love these two people. They are like family to me and I really care about the results of our work together. I know Jay’s brand has lifted from his connection to Now I have the task of helping him find new clients. I’m ready for that challenge!

In our meeting in the lobby, we discussed the importance of content, mainly, blog posts and video. For now, we’re focusing on blog posts and Jay was having a tough time coming up with content ideas. We talked and talked and talked and we left that lobby with several great, fun and useful topics for Jay to write about. Knowing his profession well, I then added another 15 draft posts on his site. Jay can pick and choose and alter the post ideas. He’s busy working on that now.

Let me explain how we came about the different ideas. I simply asked Jay to say the first thing in his mind. His response was naturally Xero as we were at XEROCON. So, I pushed him a bit. I asked, “What was the most exciting thing you learned so far at XEROCON?” His response was the same as mine, “the iOS bundle, Apple announcement.” So, I told him to write about it. Then, I asked Jay some personal questions. You know, about his lifestyle, family, what drives him, who he is, what he loves and a few other questions. Jay started to open up like a spring flower. It wasn’t long after that I saw a lightbulb go off above his shiny head (his baldness is his brand, more on that later) and he got it. Blog posts are about your business, but they also are about you, your feelings, thoughts and how you perceive the world. Jay LOVES technology, as he is theDigitalCPA. So I simply told him to embrace what he loves and let it shine.

When I conjure up blog post ideas, I reach for the gadgets nearby, pull from conversations I have daily, borrow from other people’s posts and tweets, the news, and sometimes even something my 5 year old might say or do. I bridge the gap between what I do professionally, what I love personally and who I am. Just like this post here, I bring in my own approach. Not everyone is going to love it, but most get the message and if it helps their business, then I’ve done my job. This is why people hire me. Because, I focus on what works and help them focus on it too.

Make a note right now of some of the thoughts in your head, something you just read, or what it might like to be dead. Whatever the topic, make it legit, drive home your point with passion and deliver quality content that helps others do more, learn and thrive. Indirectly, they will look to you as an expert in your field. From this post, it’s clear I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make my customers ignite and grow their revenue. I love content and distribution of content as a method of getting results.

I have two tips to leave you with: 1) start now, right now and keep on writing and sharing and be sure to make time each and every day to create something new; 2) Goto 1

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