How Many Likes Does it Take?

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Facebook is a part of life. For many, too much. I can hardly finish reading a post when the next one appears and this constant flow of information is overwhelming. I read about people’s meals, vacations, children and the weather. Ironically, I get the most likes and comments when I post this type of content. A sure way of seeing my likes reduced to nil, post something about my company.

So how do we get this massive information tool to work for us in business? Here’s a few ideas for a social marketing strategy that seem to work best:

  1. Be personal. Facebook likes are often due to sentiment and personal connection. Retweets follow the same thinking, as do +1s.
  2. Engage. Being interested is more important than being interesting. If all you do is post and never read or comment, don’t expect much in return.
  3. Be responsive. If you get comments, respond and create a discussion. Make it fun, interesting, edgy, and don’t be afraid to tell people how you truly feel.
  4. Share greatness. If you are going to post something that you did not create yourself, make it something people want to read/view. If it’s your own stuff, even more important that its appealing and fresh.
  5. Be timely. Don’t post your best content at 5am. Find the times that people respond and build a plan around what works best.

These are a few of the tips we share with our customers. There are many more and much more to consider when leveraging social marketing to maximize return on investment. We will gladly discuss this in detail with you when we first meet. Plan. Create. Execute. Analyze.

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