How to and NOT to Engage in a Facebook Group

Bob Babcock Clever Marketing, Perfecting Social Media Leave a Comment

When accepted into a Facebook Group, do NOT start by posting a link to your website or with a favorite photo and never, ever post something about your last meal. Groups are different and when they work, they work well. But there are a number key methods in which a new group member should learn and utilize to get the conversation going. And that is the #1 key method…Get the conversation going!

To engage others in a group, start with a question. A real question. Ask something like, “How do you reconcile in QuickBooks Online? I’m having trouble with a client that demands I use QBO instead of desktop.” Watch what happens! The folks that either know the answer or share your feeling about “clients demanding QBO” will respond. Then, its your turn. If someone does engage, you should respond, quickly. Use the @theirname to call attention to them as they may get busy during the day. As more and more commenters flow in, respond to everyone and be friendly. Soon, you will be one of the loved ones in the group and when you do post something that is “shameless, self-promotion,” someone might just listen. (although, I’d use this sparingly…very sparingly)

Another great way to get conversations flowing and relationships building is to respond to other questions. If you have an answer, go for it! Or, if you have the same question, let the group know in your response.

Groups are for listening, engaging, communicating and relationship building. They can also cause you to become an outcast or even worse, booted.

So get in the conversation and build meaningful relationships in Facebook Groups. Your business will love you for it and you might just make a friend.

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