How to Automatically Post New Content to All Social Networks Over and Over and Over

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One of our favorite tools at Modernize My Business is CoSchedule. It’s an extremely powerful tool that helps small business owners share content effectively. The idea is first you create content such as a blog post or an event. Then, you share it to all your social networks at once. CoSchedule does this well. CoSchedule also allows you to leverage that content over and over again.

Repurpose and re-share your content

It’s called ReQueue and it does exactly that. Every time you write another blog post or create any type of content, ReQueue waits for a free window and shares that content again and again. You can limit how often and where and you stop it whenever you wish, post by post. So now, if  you miss a day or want to give your audience another shot at reading something you wrote a few months ago, consider it done.

Why share content?

You wrote it, it mattered, people loved it, but can you share it again? Sure. The odds are people will not remember it even if they read it and for most, it will be the first time they see it. While you may believe that everyone you know, reads everything you write, but it just ain’t true. Most of us are inundated with material to read and we are often interrupted. Even if we are conscientious followers of your content, we can’t read it all and in most cases, you’ll be appreciated by sharing it again. I for one, would love to be reminded and realize I “almost read that” post and this time I will. Sorry, the doorbell just rang…what were we talking about? Squirrels???!!!

P.S. This post will be shared automatically by CoSchedule through a Zapier Zap automation sequence that will take this post and push it out to 8 social networks when it’s published. We’ll talk more about that soon. We love automation.

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