How To Find Your Next Client Before the Weekend!

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IMG_0651Put on your favorite industry t-shirt and head to Starbucks. Setup camp. Work from there. Listen to the conversations in the room. Make yourself available. Talk to EVERYONE. Meet the mayor (every Starbucks has one).

Get a little popup tent made that has your company logo on it. Throw a couple of business cards down next to it. Have lunch.

While in Starbucks, put a few of your business cards in the window jam of your vehicle in the most conspicuous spot. Have some made that say “Take Me” on them or make a small sign. Don’t be obnoxious, but rather clever or cute.

When you leave, be sure to say goodbye to the barista and let them know what you do. They are like hairdressers and often get involved in personal conversations with the patrons. If they know what you do, they will tell others when someone drops a bomb like “I need my coffee because I have to spend my day getting my books in order for my accountant.”

Do this 3x per week and if you do it right, you’ll find a couple of new clients. If it happens, email me and let me know!

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