How to Land New Clients with Facebook

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So many of us have a Facebook business page. So many of us get nothing from it. Why? Because Facebook business pages lack personality because they lack a person. If you really want to land new clients with Facebook, you need to friend people and use your personal profile.

I know, I know, your Facebook personal profile is for people you’ve met IRL (in real life) and your family. You post pics of your kids, where you ate last, your travels and thoughts. You don’t want to mix business with pleasure. I get it. But you’re missing out on the best tool for finding new business ever to exist. You don’t need ads and business pages. You need friends; ones that will either enrich your life through friendship or may become clients or may refer you clients.

Adding friends on Facebook is a precarious concept. Some feel it’s an invasion of their privacy. But I’m here to tell you that people that become your “friend” on Facebook often become your friend IRL too and the chance of them becoming your client, business partner or spouse will increase exponentially. That said, do NOT start friending random people. Here’s what you should do…

  1. Start by adding everyone you wish to target on LinkedIn. Search and add by company, city, region, business type or by name.
  2. Add everyone in your circles on Google+. It’s a free for all and while I’m not a big fan of Google+, people that are in your circles or add you to theirs will help you get exposure, SEO and automatically get invited to your Google events and Hangouts.
  3. As you meet people in Facebook Groups and get to know them, add them as a friend on Facebook. The chance of them accepting you will increase. Do this with 2-3 per day and more if you feel comfortable. I do.
  4. Add friends of friends, as this is also increases your chances of acceptance.
  5. Do NOT market your services fiercely on your Facebook profile. People want to hear about your life, your thoughts, see pics of your family and shy away from the latter.
  6. DO engage with people on Facebook. Remember: Be more interested than interesting.
  7. When you want to drive business, post things that might have a link to your content or website, but do it in a way to make the link enticing. Eg. tell a story about your current mortgage refi and then send a link to a post about it. In the post, have a link to your services and explain what you do. Let people find out what you do by accident.
  8. Have fun and be you.

Here’s a video from Seth David to learn more

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