How To Send an Email Directly From an Opportunity in insightly CRM with Zapier

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Insightly is great, I’m a huge fan. But it lacks a couple of key commonly requested features. But that may be why I love it so much. Insightly doesn’t need to fix it; we can. With a little clever thinking and some automation, we can use best of breed 3rd party apps to get it done.

To send an email directly from an opportunity in insightly CRM, I will use insightly’s Workflow Automation and Zapier.

The first thing to do is setup a webhook using insightly’s Workflow…

Next, create a zap with the first step or the “trigger” using Zapier Built in Webhooks…

You’ll find the Webhook URL in this step where you can complete your Zap:



You must create a custom field in insightly storing the main email address to send to. Be sure you use the Zapier formatter to extract the email address from the custom field from the Trigger step. Your next step you find the full contact details using the email address in the prior step to search. The Gmail step is rather easy, but lacks formatting tools for html. You may want to format that in a post editor in WordPress or online. We also add a notification to Slack step in most of our automations.

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