If Not Now, When?

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David Bowie tocando en el festival "Rock in Chile", celebrado en Octubre de 1990 en Santiago de Chile.

If not now, when? We’ve heard this somewhere haven’t we? Was it a move line? A lyric? The illustrious David Bowie passed away yesterday and I’m pretty sure, like the day Freddie Mercury died, many flocked to YouTube to watch videos of Bowie. I did; I instantly watched the remix of Under Pressure with both cats. They are amazing; they were anyhow and their music is legendary, we will never forget them. But like many before them, they are gone and before their time. We aren’t immortal sadly. Our day will come. But until then, we’re gonna live this life and we’re make the most of it. Right? We’re going to leave something behind like Bohemian Rhapsody or Ziggy Stardust, aren’t we?

So I ask you again, “If not now, when?”

We’ve got experience now. We’ve made some mistakes. We’ve achieved. We’ve lost. We’ve loved. We’ve hated. We’re human. It’s time to keep on keepin’ on, so to speak. We’ve got to trudge forward and as we age, our responsibilities increase. We’ve got kids in college and retirement around the corner. It only gets more expensive, but that’s ok, we’re better at it now, this thing called life.

So I ask you again, “If not now, when?”

We can live our lives the way we are. We can be ordinary. We can settle for what we’ve got. OR…we can leap, do something transformative and most of all, secure our family’s financial future. I like to call it Igniting!

To ignite your life is more than growing your business. It’s about taking a different road home. It’s about taking all the knowledge and confidence we’ve built over the years and turning our lives into something meaningful. You may have heard me ask, “Do you do what you love? I only ask this because if we are doing something we believe in, we love, we are going to do better. This ain’t rocket science. Just good ole common sense.

So I ask you again, “If not now, when?”

We don’t always need to be on our game. We can relax, turn off the world, shut down and zone out on a game or a movie. We can spend time with friends, family and just exist. Ain’t no shame in any of that! But, when we’re not chillin’, we need to be going at it with all we’ve got. Time’s limited and we have less of it, each and every day. I like to think now that I’m nearing 50 that half the battle is over. But this is so not me. I prefer thinking that I’ve got half a life ahead of me and I’m going to make it the better half. It’s easier to do since I’ve been there, done that and now, I can apply what I know to build my fortune. I’ll give back and I won’t try to hurt anyone along the way. But I’m gonna get it and so should you.

If anyone every asks you, “Does money bring happiness?” You should respond with, “Well, not in the moral and ethical sense, but let’s face it, I’ve never met anyone that had no money that was also elated with their lives. It takes money to live this life of ours, at least for most of us, and having money sure seems happier than not.” So, make it while you can and remember who is your #1 charity. In case you aren’t sure who that is, the answer is YOU! There is NO SHAME in providing for you, your family and those you love. It’s your right. Stop complaining about what you don’t have and start making money so you can have whatever you want. Education, travel, great food, fun, thrills, whatever…go for it. You ain’t got all day, just a lifetime and that my friends has limits.

So I ask you again, “If not now, when?”

Hint: Book a free Ignite consultation. It’s time.

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