I’m a Social Media Drunk and I’m Not Quitting

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It’s so easy to say that “I want to cut back on my Facebook use this year.” I also might want to check email less frequently and tweet less often. But I don’t. Not even a little. I want more.

I read a recent Forbes article that I found on, achem, Twitter. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenbertoni/2013/12/23/14-bad-tech-habits-to-break-in-2014. I mean no disrespect but I’m not buying it and I don’t want to. I love Facebook and texting and checking email. I shut it off when I’m busy but never for too long. Why should I? I get a ton done when I want and need to. Social media doesn’t slow me down. When I get on the phone with my mom, which I do often, this slows me down. But I like to talk to my mom, so I do. I also like Facebook and blogging and reading Tweets, so I do. I learn more each day than I did in a month back in my college days because of my “obsession.” I want to read more, post more and learn more.

This reminds me of a joke my brother always says. The difference between a drunk and an alcoholic is the alcoholic wants to stop. I’m a social media drunk. I don’t want to stop. I want more.

I’m typing this at 12:30am PST. I finished making dinner for my toddler, bathed him, read him a book, put him to bed and wrapped 20 Chrismukah gifts tonight. I worked all day and more after finishing the wrapping. Now I’m in bed listening to the audiobook version of Think and Grow Rich. I got inspired and paused it to write this post. Now I’m going to save the draft, listen to another chapter and get some sleep. I feel smarter, fulfilled and very content with the 7 tweets, three pins, 30 Facebook posts, 50 emails and even an Instagram upload today. I posted a video to Facebook today. It was one of my son negotiating for dessert. I took it at the dinner table.

I’m really glad I grabbed my iPhone at dinner. This video makes me happier. It also is a record of our lives. It will make grandma happy too.

I had a blast today, worked my tail off, parented a child, helped a friend and did a whole bunch of the things people are resolving not to do in 2014. I’m not buying it and I’m not falling prey to the nonsense. I’m going to stay up with the times and continue to enjoy my social media addiction. I’m going to get “drunk”, often.

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