Importing Data Into QuickBooks Online with TransactionPro

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Last month I began readying my 2013 books for my CPA. It was a wild year for me. I used several banks, FreshBooks and QuickBooks Online throughout the year. I had quite a mess to muddle through. At the end of it all, I had chosen QBO to handle all of my books and now I had to get everything from various systems into one. This should’ve been simple; but in fact, it was not.

My first challenge was dealing with importing data from Freshbooks which was seamless. Next, from my local bank, that hasn’t exactly adopted the most state of the art online systems. After battling with their system and working closely with their online support, I was finally able to download my full year of transactions into a csv. All I had to do now was import them into QBO. I was home free, or so I thought.

I opened QBO, clicked import, chose the csv and naturally, it was unrecognized. I tried everything and spent days on it.

When I was at wits end, I posted to one of my favorite groups on Facebook started by my colleague Seth David. The group, “Accountants, Bookkeepers and Business Owners” or “ABBO,” gave me several great tips but nothing worked until someone posted, “try TransactionPro.” I downloaded the eval and gave it a try. Instantly, the software converted my data into a QB ready format and within minutes, my data was properly uploaded into QBO. I was elated!

I was about to switch banks over this, but now that I have TransactionPro, I don’t have to. While my local bank is behind the times, they make it up with true customer service and I simply don’t want to leave. The bank is Montecito Bank and Trust and they are one of the few remaining “neighborhood banks” that make you feel special every time you walk in the door. “Hello Eric” is common before I even reach the counter. While they are working on updating their systems, the current system when combined with TransactionPro works perfectly.

Since, I’ve gotten to know the folks at TransactionPro and they are now students of While this post certainly is an endorsement for how pleased I am with their offering, it is by no means biased. Sometimes things just work out and in this case, their product saved me from tremendous frustration and allowed me to get back to work. If I’d known about it sooner, I could’ve avoided the stress and loss of time. So…now, you know. And that is my only motivation for writing this post.

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