Insightly CRM and PandaDoc eSignatures – The Perfect Pair for Lead Management and Closing Deals (plus an old friend Zapier)

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Insightly is a great tool. I found it while doing research for my own firm. I loved how it just worked, out of the box. I had it up and running in literally minutes. That was over 3 years ago. I’ve been tweaking it and adding to it and make it do things I’m sure were never intended. But that’s what I love about it the most…it’s malleable, customizable and integrates nicely with other cloud apps.

One of my favorite integrations is with PandaDoc, my favorite tool for creating engagement letters, contracts, proposals and other documents that either require electronic signature or don’t. I also use it to get paid. I do this by pushing data from an Insightly opportunity, contact and organization into PandaDoc and dynamically filling in names, product data, pricing and more. It’s really fun to work with and the results speak for themselves.

A perfect day in my work life starts with my Radio Ignite Live show. After the show, I usually get a few visitors to my site. I engage with them using Drift which is a great conversation marketing tool for sales and support. It gives our potential customers a way to get answers, fast. I usually have a call or meeting within minutes of a Drift conversation. Next, they are automatically added to my Insightly CRM as a lead. I use Zapier to do this, which integrates nicely between Drift, Insightly and of course PandaDoc. Then, I meet with the lead and if they are interested, I convert them to an Opportunity. This is where the fun begins! Enter PandaDoc…when I change the stage from “Awaiting Consultation” to “Send Engagement” my automation kicks in. It starts from a webhook created inside of Insightly’s Workflow Automation feature that is passed to a Zapier trigger. Then, the Zap looks up, finds and populates a PandaDoc with all the necessary information coming from Insightly and after 8-12 steps, about 20 seconds later, an engagement letter is emailed to my prospect. PandaDoc will remind them periodically and will update me when the document is opened, signed and if available, paid.

Perfect right? Not yet. To make the process complete the payment information is automatically added to a sales receipt in QuickBooks and a message is sent in my Slack “workflow” channel. Now it’s perfect.

If only I could automate the work that now needs to be done. I do, wherever possible.

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