Lead and Client Acquisition Techniques Using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more

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There are many ways to find new prospects for any type of business. Today, much of this is focused to the online world. Google and the Internet have made resources available that bring us directly to the right type of prospect and while we may have to use more than one tool, we can gather much of their contact information readily.

Google has in itself the ability to simply find the prospects you seek, but the process can be time consuming and requires some intuition and a few skills. One way to leverage the power of Google is to create Google Alerts. For example, if you are searching “real estate agents in Florida” you can login to your alerts.google.com account and simply create this alert in various iterations. As the emails flow in, you can click on the links and acquire the information and add to a spreadsheet or CRM.

LinkedIn is clearly the ideal platform for networking with fellow business folks and the invitation of a new connection is far better received than on Facebook. However, many make the critical mistake of adding a new connection and immediately they respond with an introductory email asking for something. This often leads me to either disconnect or simply ignore/delete the message. While LinkedIn is far less personal than Facebook, you still need to have a cocktail before trying to land the kiss. Slow down and engage. Give me a reason to respond. Be personal, friendly and lose your awful canned email.

Facebook has changed the world of marketing with its Open Graph search. You can now find “real estate agents in los Angeles” simply by search that very phrase:

While not all the data we need is readily available here, we can now use tools like Spokeo, back to LinkedIn or other online databases to fill in the blanks.

So, get started. Prospect away. Use what you’ve got, who you know and these great tools and start building a database of potential clients. Transparency and personal relationships are key to building trust, so don’t be a bozo and send a canned email to these folks. Use personality and humor and most of all, be real. People will respond better even if they know your goal.

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