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I work with insightly…a lot! I use it internally and many of my clients do as well. I’m a big fan. The product is clever, easy to use, powerful, functionally sound, mobile and plays really nicely with others. The integration with Gmail/Google Apps and Office365/Outlook is just the beginning. You can integrate just about anything with insightly. It’s a platform, full of features and where it lacks, you can add another product or solution that probably will tackle that process better anyhow. A great example is tackling document processing and signature gathering. To some, it’s known as “herding sheep” and rightfully so. Enter PandaDoc, an online document processing service that’s beautiful and its fully integrated with insightly. I could go on, but this post is about real estate brokers and realtors, so let’s get on with it.

insightly or any CRM can help any type of sales professional achieve better results. To achieve better result however, we have to “use” the software. One of my favorite sayings is “the best software is the one you use.” I use insightly all day. It makes my life easier, helps me get things done and keeps my clients very happy. So, if it works for me (and so many others), can it work for real estate brokers and realtors? Absolutely.

From my many years of experience and working with many real estate professionals, I’ve learned one thing about them; they have little patience for anything that will preclude them from getting a listing or closing a sale. If a piece of software or a device or anything that might slow them down in any capacity gets in their way, it often joins others before it in a “junk drawer.” But insightly may be the first CRM and workflow solution that real estate pros don’t dump in the proverbial drawer. In short, it’s simple and clean and it works.

Real estate pros want the following things to happen:

  1. They want ease of use and access;
  2. They want contact info, notes, facts and other content all in one place;
  3. They want to use a single device for everything, eg. their computer or iPad;
  4. They want it to help but it doesn’t need to be the end all solution.

insightly does all the above, really well. Real estate pros can quickly and easily add leads, convert them to opportunities (which automatically creates a contract and a related organization, if one exists), add tasks and keep track of the sales process. They can add pipelines in projects for each step of the process. From initial meeting with buyer, to showings, to offers, contracts, title, closing and handing over the keys. They can create activity sets (groups of automated tasks) that automatically are create as each pipeline stage is changed. For example, if buyer goes from offer to contracts, the activity set would automatically create the following tasks: 1. Create contract; 2. Send contract to client (PandaDoc would handle this beautifully); 3. Receive contract from client; 4. Submit contract to seller and get final signatures. Then, they would move the pipeline to title, add a new activity set or a task, and so on.

Real estate agents shy away from expensive and risky solutions. Insightly is free to get started and the best feature is you can use it at your capacity, starting with basic contact management and add tasks, projects, activity sets, pipelines and more, as you get acquainted with the application. You can literally start in minutes and you may never need to use all the features in insightly. If your insightly deployment grows, you will find all sorts of great integrations that will help you stay innovative and productive. You can add users as needed, cancel anytime, upgrade/downgrade and build on your deployment.

One of my favorite features of insightly is Zapier integration. I’m currently devising a way to speak a task to my Amazon Echo aka Alexa and a task will be added to insightly. I already have this working with emails by use of a simple “favorite” or “flag” on any email application. Maybe one day, I’ll get my thoughts to Zap to insightly. 😎

Anyhow, I think insightly is a great tool for so many types of business users and while I’ve yet to find anything my real estate clients can use, I think we’ve finally found the right solution for them too. Want to give it a try? Let’s chat, book a free consultation and I’ll gladly show you how it works.

Here’s a video insightly produced on Real Estate:

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