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It's where we began and what created our practice. How can we help you?

Marketing for business

Professional service firms generally want recurring clients for tax preparation, bookkeeping services, financial statement preparation, outsourced CFO services, controller services, and more. Some may want a cases, legal business representation or contracts. Others may need to share their service offerings with a neighborhood, a community or the world.

Finding new clients requires a web presence, a local presence, possibly a national presence. We'll help you get this going and help you find new clients using today's methods and best practices.

Marketing has changed and we've kept our eyes on the bouncing ball. We focus on accountants, bookkeepers, legal firms, and other service related business owners because this is what we're good at.

We're more than just a marketing company, but to be fair to our roots, it's where we started. We were once called 74 Marketing.

Why'd we change our name?

Funny story...we did really well helping our clients grow their businesses. They told us they were so busy, they needed help managing it all. Since technology and automation is in our wheelhouse, and our founder is obsessed with organization and operational efficiencies, we became Modernize My Business.

We're still great at the marketing side, but when successful, we can help you manage the growth we create together.

Customer acquisition is daunting for many, particularly those that focus elsewhere. Our clients need our help, and we love to provide it. From building a brand, to social and traditional marketing solutions that work, we can help you launch, grow and expand your company, clients and revenue.

How do we help market your business?

Our Modernize My Business Division helps you directly, with hands on consulting. Our team joins your team.

We'll examine your current brand, messaging, website, systems, and presence. We'll design a solution for you that you can handle, and help you achieve success.

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