Master Social Media with Some Great Tools

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Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Google+ personal pages and Google+ company pages, LinkedIn and all it’s bits and pieces and of course Twitter! How do you manage it all and still have time for your clients and family. Well, it’s not easy but it can be a ton easier! Here’s a few tools that will help make the experience smooth and efficient…

1. Hootsuite

As one of the most widely used tools to combat the tangled social media mess we often confront, Hootsuite makes it all easy. Here, you can view, post, reply, engage and even schedule posts. It’s not hard to get started and you can get most of it done using their web interface. I’m not a huge fan of the mobile app.

2. Sprout Social

Seth David loves this product. I haven’t a clue about it but it’s definitely worth looking into and we’ll have Seth update this section after his trip to Israel! Maybe he’ll do a hangout on it!

3. TweetDeck

Also a great tool to view and manage all your Twitter profiles and feeds. I keep the local Mac app open on my desk almost daily.

4. Hootlet

And enter the grand poobah of posting, publishing and social media marketing. Find a page on your blog you wish to share and click the Hootlet applet in your bookmarks and in seconds you’ll be posting to every social network you are a part of. It’s truly a revolutionary tool and absolutely my favorite! It’s part of Hootsuite, so be sure to start there!

There’s also a ton of mobile apps for managing your social presence on the go. We’ll draft up a separate post soon!

Social media marketing works. But you have to say on it. These tools can help. Be sure to create content so that you have something to share. If you want to learn how to write a great blog post, read this.

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