Microsoft Sucked the Life Out of Me for $36; Customer Service #Fail

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A couple months ago we tried Yammer, from Microsoft. It works a lot like Facebook Groups and is truly a great product. Getting it up and running and configured is a completely different experience. After a month of dealing with Yammer support, we gave up and closed the account. I tried to cancel my subscription but it would not allow me to do so, so I had to call Microsoft Support. Microsoft Sucked the Life Out of Me for $36. Here’s what happened…

My call was answered promptly and I was setup with a case ID. The process to do this was exhausting. They asked more questions than my last life insurance exam. After finally complete, I had to be transferred. When my new representative got on the call she asked me for my case ID and naturally, they didn’t have all the info and I had to go through yet another series of questions. I was losing it at this point. She then directed me to login into the Office365 Portal and click “cancel subscription.” I explained that option was unavailable to me. After several times being put on hold and about 30 minutes later, they canceled it for me and issued a refund. She kept rambling on about various services and policies and I just said “thank you” and hung up. It was all handled, I got the refund but it took so long and so much work to get it done. I was beyond frustrated.

Then, I got a bunch of strange emails that made me think my account was still getting charged. I ignored them. I would rather pay than go through that process again, at least until I have the time to deal with it.

Next, I responded to their survey explaining the time wasted and that the had such antiquated systems. I explained that they needed to make this process faster, for both us and for them. I told them the truth.

Finally, the most unimaginable thing happened. They called me to discuss it my survey. I simply said, “I’ve spent far too much time on this already and that was the purpose of my comments. I told you my story. I’m done.” To which she replied, “Ok, so let me make sure I understand this…” and started asking a series of questions. I hung up.

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