iOS 8 iPhone 6 Wish List for 2014

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My iOS 8 iPhone 6 Wish List for 2014

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These are on my iOS 8 wish list for 2014. Come on Apple, give it to me.

iOS 81. I want to be able to choose a folder when I download apps. Enough trying to find the app and dragging it over several pages to the right folder. iOS 8, it’s time!

2. I’d love it if I had the option to sync my iPhone in iOS 8 and iPad desktops and layouts. I like setting up my icons and folders a certain way. Why must I do it twice?

3. I would love to click or swipe one time and all open apps, well, are closed. Come on iOS 8!

4. Maybe you can allow nested folders in the dock? I mean, why not? iOS 6 and 7 gave us nested folders, so why not in the dock in iOS 8?

5. Please let me remove the apps you include if I so desire. We all move them to an empty page or put them in a folder entitled “crap.” Stop the madness. I don’t want iOS 8 apps I don’t want.

6. It would be fantastic to be able to access the phone app when on a call as I can when not in a call. I’d like to be able to see who called me while I was on the phone and edit my favorites when the person I’m talking to is complaining about their bad service at Sizzler the night before.

7. I asked for “unread mail,” you delivered. Now, can I please have the option to create an appointment or meeting with a contact from contacts screen?

8. I sure would like to rename a few of my icons. This would be so liberating.

9. Deleting calendar entries are rough, too many clicks. Please allow me to touch, hold and voila, an option menu appears. Move, edit, delete, click!

10. Let’s stop being so black and white here. Sometimes my appointments are tentative. Give me this option and I’ll try to be more definitive in 2014.

11. Multiple logins for iDevices. My son is constantly downloading games when I forget to turn restrictions back on after borrowing “his” iPad.

12. I would love to see a native “Photos” app on my Mac that automatically syncs my photos from my iPhone/iPad. I no longer wish to rely on iPhoto for this purpose nor do I wish to use Image Editor to download my photos.

Here’s what I want on my iPhone 6 (with iOS 8). Can I please have it?

iOS 8 iPhone 61. I’d like three buttons on the back of phone. You know, like the other guys.

2. I’d love a real camera on both sides. I look awful in selfies and on FaceTime.

3. How about a thicker version that has a battery that lasts a week? I’d pay more and I’ll work out so I can handle the extra ounces of weight.

4. Can you please put the speakers in the front? My Mophie does this for me now, but if you follow my request in #3, I won’t need a Mophie any longer. (Sorry to the Mophie company. You’ve served me well.)

5. An LED that can blink based on options I choose would be rad too. I know, I know, it’s not a Blackberry. But that was a great feature. I like silent mode.

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  1. Number 5 for your iPhone 6 Wish List, kind of already does exist. Go To Settings – General – Accessibility. and scroll down to Hearing. Then select LED Flash for Alerts.
    This will illuminate the flash when new email or text comes in. ( Like your BB).

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