Need More Clients? Head to the Bars!

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Recently, an IGNITE client of ours wanted more clients. Her bookkeeping practice is mostly focused on the legal profession. We had an IGNITE session and discussed it. We answered the following question:

Where do attorneys hangout?

Now, is this rocket science? I mean, I didn’t say “where do business owners hangout.” We’re talking a specific vertical profession. We also discuss differentiating your practice and focusing in IGNITE. This is one of the many reasons why. So, we made a list, here it is:

  • Bars
  • Courtrooms
  • Gentleman clubs

It was clear that marketing in a courtroom would be a challenge. So, we went with bars. I told her to go watch A Few Good Men and head to the bars. Here’s what happened next:

My client found a bar where attorneys frequent. She learned when they arrived and went accordingly. As she entered the bar, she was greeted by a man who disclosed much about his life. Most of it was just nervous energy and the conversation continued up to the point where he explained what he did for a living. He’s an attorney. Upon this, my client gave her elevator pitch. His response, “whoa, you focus on legal bookkeeping? I just lost my bookkeeper and I have a huge mess. If you really can deal with IOLTA accounts and help me, I’ll hire you Monday!” She got a hold of his QB file over the weekend, fixed all the problems and proved herself. She landed a $5,000/month client, Monday, as promised.

But wait, there’s more! Next, she would receive a series of emails from her new clients fraternity brothers, also lawyers, all with the same need. She landed 3 more clients in two days.

She’s been back to that bar, landed another client on the next visit. She’s written some amazing testimonials for me, but what made me the happiest is this one:

“Okay, this is the last thing I’m going to say to you today: I sat down with my fiancé tonight and did the math. Because of the increased income – I am literally about 2 months away from having the down payment to buy my first house. THAT is insane. I’ve thanked you a hundred times but, really, I cannot possibly thank you enough! Have a great night!”

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