Pigs Get Slaughtered; Spamming Social Media Can Be Harmful to Your Brand

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IMG_0767There are some great tools out there to make the process of distributing your content faster and to cover more ground with a few clicks. I’m all for it. However, there are some guidelines I recommend. While sharing content to multiple social networks is a good thing, remember that “pigs get slaughtered.”

Let’s start with Twitter. I have several accounts. My main account is my personal one @ericgreenspan. I have about 13,000 followers and it gets the most attention. Naturally, I use it in most of my posts. I also manage the @schoolofbooks Twitter handle for schoolofbookkeeping.com. This one has some awesome engagement and is growing rapidly. When we post from any of my 74 Degrees LLC companies, we use @ericgreenspan. When the post is from or about schoolofbookkeeping.com, we use @schoolofbooks. The next step is critical. While posting to all of these might seem like a good idea, a better way is to retweet from the others. Twitter dust, like Google juice, is enhanced when others engage, retweet or favorite. Your Twitter handle gets more attention this way and you will get more followers that matter.

Next, let’s discuss one of my favorites, Google+. Actually, I hate Google+. If ever you need some solace, jump on Google+. No one is listening. It’s littered with spam. HOWEVER, Google owns it and Google likes when you post content there. I post to all of my Google+ networks via Hootsuite, always.

Facebook and LinkedIn both have something in common. If you spam the groups, you’re gonna get banned. If you post to all your Facebook Pages at once, your likes will likely drop and your engagements will go down. Unless all of our pages have unique “fans,” they are going to see this content over and over and that just makes people want to bounce. (technical term for leave) I recommend posting to one Facebook Page only and only to the groups that you know will appreciate your posts. On LinkedIn, I’m a little looser about this. With Facebook, I almost always post to groups manually. People see “posted via Hootsuite” and they just think you’re dumping and running. If you truly want results from social media, you’ve got to be in it to win it. You must engage and post meaningful content and back it up with response.

So be careful out there. Remember that pigs get slaughtered and that while we have great tools at our disposal, using them wisely will bring you much better, higher quality results.

P.S. When I started writing this someone in my ABBO and APM groups posted a pic and some content about catering. ABBO is an amazing place for accounting pros to learn and share. APM is for accounting pros looking for marketing help. NEITHER GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR CATERING SERVICES. I deleted the posts and banned the user. I even gave her an opportunity to remove it. She merely liked my comment. Bubye.

P.P.S. To explain the pics in this post, Stacey Byrne grabbed my phone at lunch during XEROCON and secretly took that photo of her. I told her I’d get even and posted it on ABBO. She then posted the pic herein of me looking a lot like Beeker the Muppet. It’s all in good fun. I was flattered by it. I hope she is too. She’s great friend of mine now even though she’s a Giants fan.

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