QBO Dumps “sales form customization” in Settings; Moves Feature to Customize at Invoice Level

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Today, I sent an invoice and I noticed my logo was missing. I went to the Settings and looked for the Sales Form customization feature with the red/blue infiniti logo and I could not find it. I called my pal Seth David and he sent me a screen shot of his which did have it. I was very concerned. I called support. I learned that this was a “feature” and not a “bug.” They have removed it and moved the functionality to the “customize” on the invoice screen. I think this is a much better way to do it.

Intuit still needs to clean up the language on the settings page and update their help menus. They still directed me to the older method. I thought my file was corrupted. Apparently this feature just rolled out as the support gent Carlos was literally learning about it while he was talking to me. I could tell someone was sharing the information with him as he spoke.

Update: the feature is being rolled out over time, so you may still have it in your settings screen.

Hope this helps!

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