QuickBooks Online (QBO) Wants To Hear From You

Eric Greenspan Cloud Accounting 3 Comments

If you are a bookkeeper, accountant or business owner, QuickBooks Online wants to hear from you. They are listening to your comments and they want to make QBO the best it can be. To do that, they need our help!

At the bottom of this post are comments. All comments that include a Feature Request, Design Change, Enhancement, Broken Item will be approved and shared with Intuit. Please do not post comments about your personal distaste or frustration with the product. This is an opportunity to help improve the product that many of us know and use daily. I can personally guarantee you that Intuit will see every issue posted here.

So, let’s begin. Start sharing your

  • Feature Request
  • Design Change
  • Enhancement
  • Broken Item
  • Other request

Ready, set, go!

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Comments 3

  1. To get us started, I personally want the following to happen:

    1. Bifurcate your email lists to one that is for marketing and can be opted out and create another list of paid subscribers that cannot be opted out and use it exclusively for system updates, such as downtime or new releases. My bank does this, so does Facebook.
    2. Add a status.qbonline.com site to keep us apprised of any downtime and the related ETA to repair. Also, build this into the app like Edison does.

  2. QBO needs to offer item subtotals on the sales receipts so a portion of an receipt can be discounted. Currently it is item by item, or total receipt. Those are the only two choices. I already told them this over the phone, but if they hear it more often, it might happen sooner.

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