Radio Ignite Live – Automated Assistants – Can Alexa And Siri Really Help At Work Or At Home

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Alexa, Hey Google, Siri, Cortana…these are names you know. Remember when William Shatner would say “Computer” in Star Trek? Was it really any different? Remember, later Jean Luc Picard used an iPad most of the time (or something resembling one.) I don’t remember him talking to that device but he often asked for “Tea, Earl Grey, hot” at the replicator. He never said her name though.
Today, we ask Siri and Alexa to do many things. Are they helpers or hindrances? We’ll discuss a few key ways these devices are helping and few things that might not be considered helpful at all.
Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook are counting on these gadgets to take us to another level of control, automation and the need to buy more products or get our products faster, easier and at less cost. So many things to think about here, so we’ll do what we can in our short time on air.

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