Radio Ignite Live – Customer Service And The Benefit Of The Doubt

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Tax season is over; time to work ON your business. Let’s start with customer service and support. How many times have you contacted support or customer service and the response is “Oh, well, that is not available here…” or “No, it must be something on your end…” or “That sounds great, but it’s not something we can help you with.” It’s infuriating. Zapier is one great example of a company that DOES NOT do this. They always reply with, “Hey Eric, let me make sure I understand your question. So what you are asking or trying to do is…” and after I reply I usually get something with this tone, “Hmmm, I’m not sure if we can but I’m definitely sure we can try. Let’s work together on this and see what we can come up with.” Refreshing right? But why is this not the norm? Why do we often feel as if the company we pay for service is doubting us and immediately determining what we are asking is not in fact valid or possible? Why do companies behave this way? Simple…management and owners allow it. In fact, they create it. The attitude of the owner is always found in the response of its support team. This needs to change, but more importantly, we, as service providers, must never allow it to happen in our organizations. We’ll discuss this in detail on today’s Radio Ignite Live.

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