Radio Ignite Live – Free-for-all Friday – Food Delivery Services – Tips to Find New Clients

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Radio Ignite Free-for-all Friday – Food Delivery Services – Electronic Engagement Letters are Working – Things You Can Do to Find New Clients

Today on Radio Ignite Live…

– Food Delivery Services and why you should be using them
– Doordash vs. the rest
– Uber style
– Local and legit
– Quality? Decent restaurants would avoid this if they could, overhead, cost, time, too busy…

– Electronic engagement letters are working!
– Our first tests 10 sent, 3 opened, 1 completed
– Reminders
– Alternatives

– Things you can do today to find new clients
– Write a post about your holiday, put it on your website, and share
– Join a group on FB or LI NOT for your profession and openly discuss the challenges you are facing
– Send an email to all your clients and wish them a HNY and offer something…and ask for a referral
– Reach out to those you work with that are not deemed competitors and have coffee and exchange leads and ideas
– Get out of the office and meet people…

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