Radio Ignite Live – Getting Organized – Do You Have Helicopter Vision Of Your Life

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When you go to bed, do you feel like you have a clear picture of where you are with your tasks for the day, what remains to be done, and what you accomplished? Would your clients agree? Do you sleep well knowing you have a system in place that works and you literally have “helicopter vision” of your entire practice, business, or life? Can you see it all from above, clearly and confidently so when you wake up tomorrow you will hit the ground running with a plan for the day? Today on Radio Ignite Live we’ll discuss organization and what you need to do to get things done, keep track of what has been accomplished, what needs to be, and for which clients or family member. We’ll discuss how each day you spend a certain defined amount of time doing nothing but organizing tasks, lists, your office, your kitchen, your mind, and your life. Organization brings it all together, and it brings happier clients, better sleep, and a happier, richer life.

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