Radio Ignite Live – What Are You Afraid Of – Getting Started Is The Hardest Part

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If you don’t try something, how do you even know if you’re afraid? What are afraid of? Starting? Or the something? Perhaps it’s failure or being judged. Just get on with it and try! Whether it’s a podcast, a talk in front of an audience, dancing, or anything else that scares you, remember how short life is and make sure you don’t leave anything behind. No unfinished business or desires that you were afraid to tackle. Avoid regret and get over your fears. You might suck, and that’s just fine. Recently my son lost in hockey 50-4 in 4 games up in Toronto. He was mad, but mostly scared of the bigger, more skilled players he was up against. My advice to him…”Score once! That’s a win son!” He scored 3 of the 4 after that. He just stopped being afraid. Today we’ll discuss this and more on Radio Ignite Live!

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