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The world has changed quite a bit in the past few years. Cloud computing is no longer a vision, it’s now a reality. QuickBooks Online, TSheets, Xero and mobile banking apps are standard issue today. Tools like GoToMeeting, Dropbox, Google Drive and Skype allow us to collaborate in ways never before possible. This all leads to new ways of doing business and in particular, it has opened the doors for remote bookkeeping and accounting services.

No longer do you need to leave your home or office. Nope, now you just log on remotely and off you go. If you are using cloud accounting, access is available from anywhere on any device. If you’re stuck with desktop software, then hosted or remote access software is your game.

The benefits are tremendous. More time with your family, less time wasted driving. Gasoline saved. Money saved. And best of all, you can spend more of your day billing.

Personally, I find training someone on software much more efficient when done remotely. Fewer distractions, less small talk, one to many instruction and everyone sits at their own desk, on their own computer and you don’t even need to shower beforehand. I’m a huge fan.

The drawback to consider is you lose that in person, face to face time. While this is necessary from time to time, it’s actually a distraction when the real head down work is in the mix. You can always meet in person and then finish the work remotely.

Where once face to face was critical, we now have FaceTime and Skype to solve this problem. It works really well, once you accept it. There’s no perfect solution for the in person meetings, but considering the productivity benefits mentioned above, it’s absolutely manageable. You can even video chat on just about any mobile device today.

A few other benefits of remote bookkeeping are:

1. Security, the data is in the cloud generally and you don’t need office keys or a badge
2. Reduction of drive time and pollution
3. Better nutrition and reduced spending by avoiding restaurants
4. Drive time expense is reduced for both
5. Reduces stress
6. Ability to work when you want, late or early

I’m writing this post in my recliner on my Samsung Note 3. My toddler is napping in the other room. I will post it and jump back on my computer and bill a client or two. My little guy will wake up soon. We will head to the grocery store. While there, I may get a client request and I will pause, grab my device and deliver. Then, I’ll finish shopping, get him ready for bed and jump back on my computer to finish my work.

I work on my schedule and my clients couldn’t be happier. I’m very responsive to them and I always try to over deliver. I do almost everything remotely. I’ve only actually met a handful of them in person.

Remote works and it will only get better. Start building a remote bookkeeping business today. We are happy to answer any questions you have. I’m a techie and my business partner at is a nerd and an accountant. He has built an online calendar for client scheduling and does remote accounting all day long, except Mondays, because that particular client happens to enjoy his physical presence. 😀

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