Social Media is Exhausting

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We spend so much time everyday chatting with friends, posting our thoughts, trying to find the marketing formula, selling things, searching for love and reading. Social media has changed the world. It’s a better place; one that is less lonely and full of interaction, knowledge and fun. But let’s be straight here, social media is exhausting.

Each morning, I start by reading my feed on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I glance at Pinterest, Instagram, Whisper and Tumblr. I periodically check Snapchat and I answer a few questions on Cinch. Then I draft a post or two on my Greenspan Consulting blog and if time allows, one on my personal blog. I then share the content to all my favorites social networks, add the good stuff to Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon. I replicate my content to sites like Tumblr and Medium. I check analytics to see who’s listening, I check Mailchimp to see who’s signed up to stay in touch, and respond to comments. I respond almost instantly, always.

Somehow I get in a shower, feed my son, call my mom, text good morning to my gal, my teenager and a few friends, feed the dog and hopefully, get in my daily exercise. Three days a week, I take my son to school and pick him up. He’s generally by my side otherwise. He is a great influence on my commitment and drive.

By noon, I change my dead Mophie on my iPhone and have another cup of coffee. I eat here and there and generally have my iPhone in hand, iPad and MacBook nearby and a headset in my ear. I’m a marketer, a dad, a friend, a son, a brother and mostly, an entrepreneur.

Then I have meetings. Maybe a few calls. If I land another client, I make lists and update my calendar. I do work, real work.

At any point throughout the day, I may engage in a heated debate. It can happen anywhere, usually online. When I disagree, I say so. When I concur, I acknowledge. I teach a little and learn even more.

When my clever moments appear, I create things. Yesterday I created a Think and Grow Rich Discussion group. I listened to three chapters prior. Then I created a few campaigns and spent the rest of the day thinking and jotting down notes and hanging out with my toddler.

After dinner, I change my Mophie again and I put him to bed. Then the real work begins. Rather than bore you with the details, reread this post up to this point and that’s basically what happens, again.

At about 11pm, I’m exhausted. I turn on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, but I don’t pay close attention. I try to sleep, but I have to get up to make one more note, edit a post and check stats. Eventually I get to sleep. In the morning, it starts all over again.

I do these things Monday through Friday. On the weekends, I do a lite version and spend time with the family. I spend more time in the kitchen. I love to cook.

This is my life and I love it. The best part…it works! My clients are seeing results. Not just likes and friends, customers. It’s exhausting but the results are worth every moment.

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