Stop Your Wanking Facebook Isn’t Listening

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Every day I hear someone complaining about something in their life on Facebook. I don’t like it much. Unless the “friend” is a friend IRL, I generally unfriend them after a few of these posts. You know, the ones that say, “My life is a mess and I’m tired of being alone” or “My girlfriend left me…” or “I’ve tried everything, nothing is working.” Stop your wanking Facebook isn’t listening or certainly doesn’t want to.

Autosuggestion as written about in Think and Grow Rich is a powerful force. When you think and speak negatively, the mind follows and negative finds you. It’s real and it matters. While I don’t want to see my Facebook friends destroy their chance at success, I cannot worry about them. I have to protect myself from this negativity, as it has a way of following you and getting in your head, no matter how strong-willed you are.

I’m empathetic and I really do care, but I cannot do what I need to do for those in my closest circles, my kids and my family, my loved ones in general, if I am burdened by negativity. I don’t want to hear it and I won’t. In particular, I don’t want to hear on Facebook as this is where I spend my time for enjoyment, learning and communicating with others.

A good friend recently posted, “mean people suck.” I called him. I said, “buddy, why not say ‘nice people rock’ instead?” He got it instantly and changed his status accordingly. His night went much better than he had expected. Wonder why?

Facebook is ours and we share many things with our friends and family daily. While not every day is a good day, stay off Facebook on the bad ones. Like mom says, “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.” Where do you think she got that from? It’s not a bogus idea. It’s how we must live our lives and it’s exactly how I am living mine.

If you use Facebook as a marketing tool or have a career or job, remember that you are marketing yourself every time you post. You are the best asset you’ve got, so if you want people to pay attention, change your tone.

Have you ever been in a conversation and no one was truly listening? It’s probably because you have a reputation for speaking in the negative. Fix it today and watch the difference in your communications with others.

Of course, this goes for Google+ and Twitter too. Hey, I have a great idea. If you need to wank, use This site allows you to anonymously say anything thing you want. I expected wankers on this social network and I saw plenty. Sadly, some were complaining in a way that worried me. It’s almost like an anonymous suicide note social network. The best thing about, I don’t use it anymore. After a few days, I laughed a few times and then felt ill. I deleted the app from my iPhone and set my attentions elsewhere.

If you truly feel inclined to post your discontent on Facebook, choose the private option. It’s easy. Each post allows you to choose your audience. When you are about to wank, choose private and then change it back when you feel better. You’ll make us all happier by doing so and this should help you with your situation too.

If this doesn’t work, get some help. Talk to someone, just not everyone.

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