Sync All Contacts, All Email, All Calendars, Any Device, Any Platform, Anywhere, Anytime, Always

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img_3139So many people have contacts, email accounts, calendars, and other information scattered about in different platforms, different operating systems, on different devices and it’s just a big mess. But it need not be. It’s actually really simple.

The best method is using Google Apps for Work. I don’t mean you have to use Gmail and yes, you can use Outlook. With Google Apps as the platform, you can easily sync outlook and all Google apps and data. You just load the Google Apps Sync for Outlook and you’re done.

Android and Windows users, problem solved.

Now, you may be about to ask, “Well, what if I just want to use Google and not Outlook but you have an iPhone? Or a Mac? Well, that’s the beauty of it. You can have your Google contacts on your iPhone natively by adding the gmail account to the iPhone mail app. Turn on calendars and notes and contacts too. They’ll all just be there. The iPhone uses a gmail account like it was made for the device. Same with the Mac.

Let me throw in one twist. I actually keep all my contacts on iCloud. Everything else is Google Apps for Work (gmail) and I always use Apple apps to access each even though it’s gmail. Again, this gives me the best of both worlds. I have a pure iCloud solution, a pure gmail solution and I could load up Outlook too or even better, just add my gmail accounts to the new Windows 10 mail, people and calendar apps and it’s almost identical to the Mac. Imagine that!?

So, yes, it can be done and it’s quite easy and VERY IMPORTANT for you workflow and productivity. Stop what you’re are doing and fix this now. Thank me tomorrow. Or hire me on Tuesday.

Schedule a free consultation today and I’ll explain further and be sure to check out our free upcoming webinar on this topic. We’ll show you EXACTLY how to do this and it won’t cost you a nickel.

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