Need help with Insightly? Our founder is an Insightly Hero. (They’re word, not ours.)

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At Modernize My Business, Insightly is at the heart of our operation, both internally and for our clients. Our Accounting Workflow System is built on top of Insightly. Our founder, Eric Greenspan, is an Insightly Hero, which simply means he is a champion of the product, knowing its strengths, weaknesses, and workarounds. With Insightly CRM, Modernize My Business helps our clients build thriving businesses and interconnecting all the best of breed cloud based applications into a seamless and cohesive experience that business owners and their staff simply love to use.

Automating QuickBooks and a Few Other Things with Zapier

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Our company specializes in automating processes, including QuickBooks and so can yours. As a bookkeeping or tax professional, you are constantly dealing with data and data entry for your own firm and on behalf of your clients. The next time you find yourself assembling an invoice or inputting data or re-inputting data, stop for a moment and look around at the tools that exist today and consider automating these processes.